Hari has impressed his teachers and made new friends!

Hari first came to us as a shy 9 year old who had been struggling with grades lower than his potential and related to behavior issues. He found it hard to sit for long intervals of time or concentrate on boring subjects, and this often showed up in his school performance and records.

His mother says, “Hari had problems sitting in a particular place for a given period of time. He would have to be given repeated instruction to do a small task and would always want to do many things at the same time, not focusing on one. Due to his low concentration levels, his grades in school were also low. He would get frustrated easily and quarrel over small things. Hari also became stubborn and short tempered.”

Hari started using the Play Attention software in September, and it took him just few sessions to grasp the ‘meaning’ of attention while using the game. Once he understood this phenomenon, nothing could stop him!! He steadily started scoring above 80% in all games and was promoted to Intermediate levels in nearly all games within 4 months of training! His impulsivity, slouching, fidgeting and frowning were behaviors that were targeted one after another using the Behavior Scale and have been rectified.

Hari saw an increase in his ability to pay attention which really motivated him to keep trying harder. He saw his grades improve in school, remarks improve at home, and self confidence improve in himself.

Hari’s mother says, “Hari has improved significantly. His concentration has improved, which has further improved his grades at school. He concentrates on one task at a time and tries to give his all to it. His behaviors have improved drastically and I do not get many complaints now. He tries to settle things without fighting and has increased control over his anger. He listens to instructions easily now and isn’t stubborn.”

Hari has shown growth in the Play Attention software and is a role model for other kids when they see him at Advanced levels of two games! As a person, too, one can see him being more assured of himself and his skills. He takes on challenging nonstop sessions without a frown and manages to score well. His interest in school work and art has increased as he handpicks thing he wants to do during Academic Bridge.

Hari eagerly showed his final term results last month where each grade had leapt to a better one. He has been accepted into a better school for the next session that helps him use his strengths and weaknesses to his advantage! He has already impressed his teachers and made new friends! In Play Attention, too, he continues to have many more great days than average ones, and even after 8 months, Hari still comes in with as much enthusiasm as the boy I met in September.

Story submitted by:
Shambhavi Singh
CCAW New Delhi

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