Brody’s Story

Joyce Bowen’s son Brody always seemed to be on the go. Even as a baby, he seldom slept for more than five hours a day, and his rambunctiousness only grew as he got older. Soon, Joyce felt as if she were spending more time disciplining Brody than playing with him.

When Brody was old enough to go to school, Joyce began to receive telephone calls from his teachers. Brody was being disruptive, and he just couldn’t sit still in class. On one occasion, Joyce was informed that her son had hit a fellow student.

In addition, Brody’s grades were consistently low, but it wasn’t because of intelligence.

“He’s such a bright child,” one teacher confessed to Janice, “Smart as a whip! It’s just that he doesn’t finish anything. Sometimes he doesn’t even bring his assignments back, almost as if he forgot.”

These difficulties followed Brody home, simple homework assignments taking hours to complete even with Joyce doing her best to help and encourage. Even everyday chores were a challenge, for Joyce would have to remind Brody to put his sneakers away at least three times a day.

Frustrated but determined, Joyce began searching the Internet for answers, eventually discovering a unique program that could help teach Brody to focus better and learn the skills he needed to be successful at school.

What she found, was Play Attention;.

Play Attention uses special games that don’t require a joystick to play, instead working on brainpower. When a person concentrates, certain brainwaves are produced that indicate that they’re paying attention. The sensors inside the special Play Attention helmet read these brainwaves and use them to develop better concentration and focus.

Inspired by the same technology NASA uses to train their astronauts, Play Attention builds skill sets that are vital to everyday activities- from staying organized, to filtering out distractions, to listening more attentively in class.

After working with Play Attention for a few months, Brody began to finish his homework without a fight; what used to take hours was done in 10 minutes! Joyce continued to receive calls from Brody’s teachers, but this time they were full of praise rather than concern.

Nowadays, Joyce looks back fondly on the beginning of her Play Attention program.

“I cried the first time Brody and I sat down and read a book together with out a fuss,” she recalls, “Brody snuggled up to me and smiled, and I saw in him the happy, successful child I always hoped he could be.”

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