Thank you Play Attention for the encouragement and support

Nathan just graduated from Grade 6 last week.  June also marks his 10th full month of Play Attention.  When Nathan began the program, he struggled with sitting still and focusing for even the briefest time period.  As a coach, I was kept very busy marking every movement, fidget, distracted and off-task behavior. We began with 15 minute sessions 3 times per week and worked hard to establish the routine, which, it turns out, is a major part of the ‘battle’.  Once the Play Attention routine was established, the arguing beforehand and the disruptive behaviors during the program diminished to the point where, as coach, I have virtually no behaviors to report during his sessions.  I have kept a journal of his achievements and am delighted to report that Nathan now is on Advanced levels in all games and is actually weaning off the Attention Stamina game.  He now does two sessions of half an hour per week and easily maintains attention scores of 90% plus.  He is working towards the Academic Bridge component and improving every session.  This achievement has given Nathan a huge boost in his confidence and self-esteem and seems to have given him a new interest in actually completing tasks.

We have gone from anger and frustration to pride and sense of accomplishment in ten short months and I have a son who is actually keen on beginning new challenges.

Thank you Play Attention for the encouragement and support.  I am looking forward to making this program available to other families here in Canada.

– Mother and Coach –

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