Play Attention has supercharged my performance

Play Attention has supercharged my performance at work and enabled me to become more effective at managing tasks in my personal life.

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 26 and only then started to understand the condition despite struggling to focus throughout my life. Having completed university and working in consulting, I had achieved some success but felt that  despite trying my best, I had always underperformed. Starting medication and learning to manage the symptoms helped but I felt I needed more support.

I started my Play Attention training and instantly became hooked on the games, points and reward systems, and seeing progress in my scores. The variety of games helped to develop specific skills and despite meditating daily, the instant feedback allowed me to really notice when I was not paying attention. My coach was able to answer questions about how to approach the training and what I needed to do to maximise the benefits of the programme.

The results were noticeable after a few weeks as I started to understand what focussing really meant. I was able to apply my new abilities to real-world situations and saw differences in my career as well as in my personal life. I’ve completed the recommended programme but continue to train as my focus continues to develop. I’m performing the best in my career so far and also in my Muay Thai training.

Thank you to my coach and the Play Attention team for providing access to this life-changing treatment and I highly recommend it to other adults with ADHD.

– Paul

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