“Frederic’s progress with the play attention system has been beyond anything we could have expected.”

Frederic was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome in 2012 at the age of 8 years old. His existing school refused to continue with his education because they had no facilities to deal with a child on the autistic spectrum. Consequently he spent two years at home whilst we desperately searched for a solution. In September 2014, Frederic was rescolarised in a private school with a classroom helper.

His school assessment at the start of December 2015 stated “unable to evaluate – due to Frederic’s inability to convey if he has actually learned anything!” Not very promising for a 11 year old boy after 18 months of hard work by his teacher and classroom helper.

However, on the 27 December 2015, Frederic started his very first session with the Play Attention system and everything has changed.

Frederic’s progress with the play attention system has been beyond anything we could have expected.

After only nine weeks, and 27 sessions, Frederic communicates with his teachers and interacts with the other children. For the first time ever, in January 2016 he actually took part in a classroom discussion in which he demonstrated a comprehension of meaning and language that actually exceeded what would be expected for his age!

His speech therapist is amazed at the rate of his progress and she now communicates weekly with his school to coordinate his work.

People who knew Frederic before he started the Play Attention system never fail to comment on how much his behavior has changed for the better.

For example, today in the supermarket we met a local librarian who last saw Frederic before Christmas. She was physically stunned at the changes. He walked up to her, said “hello”, shook hands with her, and then excused himself because “he had something important to look for”!

Interestingly, this particular lady has a son recently diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of 19. He’s very intelligent and even passed his college diploma, which gives him the right to a University place. However, he apparently shuts himself in his bedroom, incessantly playing video games.

Naturally she’s very interested in the Play Attention system since she can see with her own eyes the remarkable change in Frederic.

Frederic’s older brother has just gained a place at the prestigious Medical School in Grenoble, and perhaps for the first time in a very long time we can see the possibility of another doctor in the family – although with Frederic’s growing ability to express himself he will undoubtedly make the decision for himself!

Very best wishes,
Peter, Sarah and especially Frederic

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