A difference in just 3 months!

Our son has always been advanced for his age. Potty trained before he was 2, reading books before he was 3 and the list could go on and on. He is creative, perceptive, original, works best by himself, must finish the task at hand, he is sensitive and generous. It was not until 3rd grade that some of these wonderful traits also became a hardship.

At times anxiety would take over his school days. Play Attention’s Mental Math games have been the best for his test taking at school. Yes, he has known his math facts since kindergarten so this is not a challenge for him. Or is it? He must focus to reveal the question and stay focused to reveal the answer. Three months ago a timed test in the morning would spin his whole day into a negative cycle. He knows the answers but only having 2 minutes to complete the task would put such a fear into his heart that he physically could not get the first question answered. Now, 3 months after starting Play Attention he is finishing with time to spare!

Andrew has told us his teachers sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher (she does not and they are wonderful!). At times they give so much information and directions that he is still focused on the first directive when she has moved on to the third. With the Discriminatory Processing he has learned to judge what is important at this moment and what can be discarded.

In Visual Tracking the bird chirping outside the window is now just that, a bird chirping. He has learned through Play Attention that the birds can chirp, the drills and hammers can make noise but he can overcome and get back on track. He can complete his work!

This semester we have seen fewer notes from his teacher saying “Andrew was very distracted today” and more “Andrew finished his work early today”.

This program is an investment. This program is work. This program DOES work!

Anna, Mom

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