I am a clinician and have used Play Attention with some of my clients with excellent results

I am a clinician and have used Play Attention with some of my clients with excellent results. My clients are adults up to 82 years of age.

One of my patients, a 72 year old medical Dr., continuously refers to Play Attention as, ”The best intervention he ever received”. In his own words, “Since I used Play Attention, my relationship with my patients has changed. I listen with more focus and attention, therefore my consultations are shorter and I can see more patients. My relationship with my own children and friends also changed. I am more at peace and calmer within myself, and now I enjoy their company more. Play Attention did change my life and I am very grateful.”

Another of my clients, a 56 year old male, was experiencing memory fog, disorganization, and lack of attention. After a year using Play Attention, relaxation techniques and coaching, he was able to accomplish his goals. For example, he can work in a more organized manner, remember appointments and he is not overwhelmed by his own thoughts. When he walks in the street, he pays attention to where he is. His memory, attention and focus was changed, and he did not complain any longer about memory fog.

A 66 year old lawyer was suffering from a lack of memory and focus. She could not read more than 20 pages a day without falling asleep or getting bored. She was quite disorganized. She was frightened because her memory was “very weak”. She worked with me for a couple of years, using Play Attention, Neurofeedback and coaching. Today she is a PhD student and she says, “my mind works much better now than when I was a 20 year old college student. This is amazing.” She is now able to maintain her focus and attention and her memory improved substantially. She reads difficult texts for hours every day.

Everyone I used Play Attention with is very thankful. During the pandemic I started using ilab, a feature that was extremely helpful since I was able to work remotely. This was a huge help and I still work remotely.

I had a few problems with software either because of my computer, or because of the client’s computer, or simply because I did not know how to operate ilab efficiently. I was constantly helped with no delays so I could continue with my sessions. I am very grateful to Play Attention because it allowed me not only to change the lives of many but I was able to keep working from the safety of my home.

Diana Kaplan
Dr. in Clinical Psychology
(Sessions conducted in English and Spanish)

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