Play Attention made a huge change in my son’s life and myself

Two years ago, my son was diagnosed with ADHD. I was finally able to connect his problems to something. Before his diagnosis, I always blamed myself for not being a good parent.

Before I learned about Play Attention, I spent thousands of dollars to purchase Neurofeedback sessions for my son to try to give him a better capability to do his daily tasks. 60 sessions of Neurofeedback plus the diagnosis and reporting cost me more than $12000. I had to take out a loan that took 1.5 year for me to pay it off.

I got to know about Play Attention in one of the Additude ADHD seminars and immediately noticed that it was similar to neurofeedback sessions, but a lot cheaper. Play Attention cost 1/10 of what I paid.

After using Play Attention, my son can stay on tasks for longer periods. His marks [grades] have improved. His teacher just told me that he is able to collaborate and have some friends. He plays with them which was a shock to me. He never loved to play with others. He is also much happier than before. Overall, lots of improvements.

In addition to that, I am able to use it for myself. It helped me a lot. My short-term memory tended to weaken as I aged, and now I am at top of my ability. I have another child who is diagnosed with ADHD, and I am going to add her as an additional user.

I feel so positive and plan to purchase all the games that Play Attention offers gradually to make my children continue to be excited about playing and help them learn other cognitive skills.

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