My only regret is that I did not find out about Play Attention sooner

All my life I have had the symptoms of ADHD. Issues like not being able to stay on task, difficulty completing things, trouble paying and sustaining attention to details, procrastination, disorganized activity structure, (living life like a game of pinball), forgetfulness, impulsivity, easily distracted by basically anything. Though I liked the attention of being the class clown in school, I had difficulty with following the rules in social situations and staying on track with current conversations. I have experimented with drugs in the hope that they would make me feel calmer and more “normal”, but no pharmaceutical on or off the market worked for me, and I wasted a ton of time and money. Because of this, I suspect that my body metabolizes things differently from other people. Drugs aside, I went to counseling and found it to be beneficial and insightful, but it did not address the impulsivity and lack of focus that perseveres in my life. It was very frustrating. I am good at and enjoy video games, but I realize that they are just a black hole to waste your life away if you are not careful. I seem to be intelligent, yet life feels to me like having a race car without the engine properly tuned.

I have gone through many occupations because it was hard to find a job that was both challenging and the right “fit” for me. They ranged from being a printer on a 50’ printing press, to a computer technician, to a HVAC technician, to a customer service representative for a gutter company, to name a few. I never felt like I did not know how to do something; it’s just that none of these vocations could hold my focus.

When I heard about Play Attention, I was very excited at the possibility that this program could help resolve the mental chatter that I had lived with for so long. I wish I had heard of Play Attention sooner. The Play Attention system has helped me in many ways with many aspects of my life. It has helped me slow down mentally to think about what I say and do before I respond to the environment around me at any given time. I feel Play Attention allows me to train myself to absorb more of the information coming in before I react to it. This gives me the ability to have increased social skills, better memory, and more control and appreciation of what life has to offer. My ability to “focus” in on what I am currently doing, allows me to do a better job at what I do. Thus, making life better, this is a good thing.

What I like about Play Attention is:

The Play Attention system gives me the ability to improve my life. It gives me positive feedback in real time. While playing the games it constantly challenges me to do my best while not being too easy or too hard. This is their Sheer Genius™ Technology, as they call it, in action.

They have many different exercises, so I can work on various skill sets without getting bored or burned out. The system keeps track of my progress and pushes me to do better. I have a personal lifetime coach at Play Attention assigned to guide me / assist me in my goals, all this is included with the basic system.

The wireless Body Wave arm band makes the connection between the user and my home / laptop computer. This flexibility allows me to be totally relaxed while using the system. I can use Play Attention at home or on the road.

Play Attention has really helped me with my memory issues, as well as my ability to focus in general.

There are many other benefits that I appreciate about Play Attention… but this letter is long enough. I suggest you check out their website and give them a call if you, or a member of your family is challenged with ADD issues.

I can firmly state that Play Attention as a company stands behind their product with customer service and excellent follow through to make sure the customer gets the most out of the product. Lifetime technical, educational and family support is included with the product – and I’ve made use of it all at no charge. The highly educated staff has always cheerfully answered any question I have had. They are constantly working on improving the system so that I can get the most from my system now and on down the road. They have offered several new games to keep the program fresh and offer new tools to improve different areas that I can improve on.

I like a company that keeps getting better. I have always believed in customer feedback. If a company could do better, they need to hear about it. If they are doing well, like Play Attention, they need to hear about it, too. I share my feelings with as many people as I can about the great job they are doing.

My only regret is that I did not find out about Play Attention sooner. I have lived my life challenged by my ADHD issues. Now, I have a tool that gives me immediate positive feedback so that I can and do train myself weekly to live my life with less stress and be a better person. My wife and I have noticed a significant change in my behavior and attitude in life for the better. People with ADD / ADHD are intelligent fun-loving people that have some challenges. I am glad I have found a system that helps me address more of the challenging aspects of my life. I highly recommend it for any young adult or adult.


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