I have many more years of real life ahead of me

Kathy’s Story

Kathy and her husband Larry, came to me at my clinic, Brain Fitness Center, in Parkersburg, WV, in the spring of 2011. She was 67 years old and had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s two years earlier. The couple had seen several primary care physicians, searching for some type of treatment that would allow Kathy to live more effectively and productively in her daily life. She was told to accept the diagnosis, go home, and live with the disease the best way she could.

Eventually they were referred to a primary care physician who was familiar with my clinic and some of the programs I used. This doctor contacted me and asked if I thought any of the therapies I used might help, since the medical field didn’t have much to offer Alzheimer’s patients.

When they arrived at the clinic, Larry did most of the talking. Kathy’s shoulders were stooped and her eyes downcast. She was aware that she lost track in a conversation and responded by keeping quiet. She could no longer remember the names of her grandchildren, could not find the grocery store or even remember where things were in the store. Kathy was unable to work in her upholstery shop, and was becoming more and more isolated from both family and friends.

After initial assessment and discussion with the couple, we decided to address Kathy’s; attention/memory/comprehension skills; brain processing speed; and motor timing, all of which were severely impaired. I proposed a combination of programs, knowing that Play Attention would be my choice for the attention/memory/comprehension therapy.

Larry brought Kathy into the clinic five days a week for two weeks and then three days a week thereafter. Following a month of consistent therapy, it was like watching a butterfly begin to emerge from its cocoon. After three months of therapy, Larry and Kathy bought a home version of Play Attention to continue her treatment under her physician’s supervision.

By the fall of 2011 Kathy was alert, cognizant, and efficient. Her memory was back, her confusion gone, and she was an active participant socially with family and friends. Kathy had returned to her work as an upholsterer and, in her own words, “I have many more years of real life ahead of me.” Larry put it simply, “I got my wife back.”

Now in 2015 I live in North Carolina and had lost track of Kathy and Larry, so I went on line to locate them. When I called, Kathy answered, (which she could never have done before therapy), and was excited to hear from me. She said both she and Larry were doing fine and the grandchildren were “growing like weeds.” She asked about my family and we chatted just like old friends.

I know that there is no cure for Alzheimer’s at this time, but I also know that with the right interventions we can regain some things that are lost and slow the progression of this terrible disease. Without Play Attention the changes in Kathy would not have been possible. I am thankful for the program and the wonderful support team who are always there to help me whenever I need them.

– Nancy Thomas, Play Attention Coach
Brain Fitness Center

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