Play Attention has really made our lives easier. The positive results benefit the entire family

My son Cade was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD at age 5. He was in kindergarten in the public school system, and had been asked to leave every day care, preschool, and summer camp he had ever attended. When his troubles continued in kindergarten, I decided to take him to his pediatrician for a consultation. He asked what seemed like two hundred questions, and finally suggested that we have Cade tested for an Autism Spectrum Disorder. The only facility in our area that does that sort of testing had a waiting list a mile long, so we waited. It was close to the end of his kindergarten year that he was finally diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD.

Cade is now in 6th grade. Much has changed since that initial diagnosis. He takes meds for ADHD. He attends a weekly Asperger’s group. He was recently diagnosed with Dyslexia, so he sees a Speech Therapist once a week. Cade was also attending one or two EEG Biofeedback sessions per week. Some kids do sports, music or other activities after school – Cade was doing Asperger’s related activities after school three to four days a week. Each activity is important, and needed, but a full day of school followed by a one to two hour activity, followed by homework is a lot for an Asperger’s kid.

At one time, Cade was doing so well that we decided to stop the EEG Biofeedback sessions to give him more free time. After about three months, he started having some behavioral issues at school. It quickly spilled over to after school activities and home life. I racked my brain for a few days to figure out what was going on. What was missing? EEG Biofeedback. I made an appointment that day, and within a few weeks, he was doing well once again.

After completing the 5th grade in public school, I decided to homeschool Cade for a while. Elementary school was hard enough for him socially, and I knew that middle school would be impossible at this time. I also felt that he needed more than one or two EEG Biofeedback sessions per week. That is what led me to researching an EEG Biofeedback program for the home. I found a number of them, but Play Attention fits our needs perfectly.

For about four months, Cade has begun each school day with a Play Attention session. It has really made a difference. His ability to focus has drastically improved. He is more confident. He is beginning to enjoy the challenges that school brings, rather than just doing what it takes to get by. Cade feels that he has “mastered” his current games, and is ready to add more. He wants new challenges.

Play Attention has really made our lives easier. Cade can play games at any time of the day, seven days a week. We don’t spend extra time and money going to one or two sessions per week. The positive results benefit the entire family. We are truly blessed.

– Success story submitted by Cade’s mother, Debbie.

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