“I was so happy the day Nabil started his homework without me even asking.”

My son, Nabil, had behavioral issues since he started school. Unfortunately, he did not have the professional teacher nor school administrators who would even give me a hint about ADD. The school-Nabil battle continued in reception and the beginning of grade one. I put all the pieces of the behavioral puzzle in front of me and started searching to put them together. This is when I thought that he might have ADD. I contacted one of the professional psychological centers, who said that they cannot do the diagnostic test for him before he turns 7. At this time, he was 6 years 3 months.

When he turned 7, he took the CPT II test and was diagnosed to have ADD (89.4%).

Nabil is an active boy who possesses a well developed observation power but lacks the required level of attention and concentration for his age. He is the youngest among siblings. He is a highly cooperative, well mannered, and sensitive child, who is always eager to listen, understand and perform well (once he finds an interest).

When he was diagnosed to have ADD, the center recommended Play Attention. He started his Play Attention sessions right away with another center, which was still using the old Play Attention helmet in their sessions.

He started off performing well but soon regressed showing his true level of attention. Here his temperament and ease of agitation was experienced. It was at this stage when he and his therapist worked on a 2 minute motivational lesson before each game and sticker chart. Goal setting was an important element. This worked really well for Nabil as he took off enthusiastically and gained very high scores and maintained the percentage throughout with excellence.

On some occasions Nabil would arrive noticeably tired and bored causing his performance to significantly drop to scores around 50% – 60%. During these times Nabil would be fidgety, easily distracted and then ultimately very sad for not been able to score well. These times were resolved by appropriate coaching in understanding why Play Attention was important for him and why he needed to play the games the best he could.

Nabil has a challenging nature and competes with his own last attempts. The Play Attention games helped in utilizing this nature. He tried very hard and strived for improvement. Nabil is quite capable of adjusting behavior to expectations of situation; however sometimes he would have an impulse to call out as a result of his inquisitive nature. Nabil is a kind, smart, and well behaved child, and I was so eager for him to perform well.

After completing 40+ sessions of Play Attention, Nabil’s attention has significantly increased. His inquisitive nature at times would be a hindrance which was timely controlled and handled professionally answering all his queries in an extra session or before the session began. He always loved to gather knowledge about space, and so would come up with several questions every session, which is a healthy sign and highly appreciated. His eye-hand coordination and general ability to finish the task at hand have definitely improved at the same time his focus and concentration have significantly improved.

Nabil took the CPT II test again and his ADD level dropped down to 50% non-clinical.

Thanks to Play Attention which was my magic wand in seeing the results that I was eager to see.

– Success story submitted by Nabil’s mother, Hala, in Kuwait.

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