Sophia’s Success Story

Our 11 yr old daughter started using Play Attention 6 months ago. She has been diagnosed with a Non-Verbal Learning Disability. She has trouble staying focused. We have spent thousands on tutors trying to keep her up with her peers.

I heard about Play Attention from a friend who talked about the fact that it is changing how people with ADD/ADHD learn by using biofeedback. I was curious and looked into it. The online info session was very helpful. I was desperate to find something to help my child with her learning struggles. I was also intrigued that my husband and I could both use the program to help our ADD issues. I talked to my parents and said to them that this could be something I will regret I didn’t find out about earlier.

We decided better late than never. Sophia has done well with the program. Most to the time, I don’t have to nag her to do Play Attention. She likes the immediate feedback and feels great pride in a really good score. The teachers have noticed that she is more focused and stays on task. Recently, her teacher said that she was the only one in her class to raise her hand and answer the question correctly after they had read a chapter. This made her so happy. I told her that is because she is doing Play Attention. This definitely helped her make the connection and makes her want to do more. 

As for me, I find myself being more mindful. I put more thought into my daily tasks and try to be more present. 

The staff at Play Attention have been terrific. Our Executive Function Coach, Mike Smith, has been very helpful and responds quickly. He checks in from time to time for updates. I am looking forward to seeing how Play Attention is going to continue to help us grow.  

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