Evan’s Testimony

We began Play Attention with Evan in March of 2014.  Evan was 11 years old at the time and struggling with his ability to focus in school and extracurricular activities.  Evan’s grades were suffering, but more importantly, his inability to focus on everyday tasks was chipping away at his confidence as well.

What makes Evan’s success so great is how his ability to focus improved without the help of ADD medication.  As parents, we were concerned with the side effects of ADD medication because Evan has always been a picky eater and a common side effect of ADD medication is a loss of appetite.

Evan’s psychologist introduced us to biofeedback and Evan enjoyed the games he played at his weekly sessions, so we did some research online about “biofeedback and ADD” and came across Play Attention.

Not only is Play Attention a great biofeedback tool, their staff is amazing as well.  They are always one phone call or e-mail away from responding to you ASAP. We wanted Evan to have access to biofeedback sessions on a daily basis and Play Attention not only met our expectations but exceed them as well.

Evan is currently a freshman in a high school with a student body that exceeds 4,500.  Evan has not only transitioned well to his high school environment, but his improved ability of focus has taught him to appreciate the fine details in school and at home.  Evan made the honor roll this past semester and is on track to make the honor roll this semester as well.

Thank you Play Attention for a terrific system that has produced incredible and measurable results for our son!

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