Success at last!

“Our son finally had a stellar focus at practice! Wow!”

My son was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 5. My husband and I had known our son was a wiggle worm and just always knew he couldn’t focus, but everyone would tell us that little boys were just active.

Later that year, I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD and it helped answer many questions about much of my life and career and many unanswered questions. We both went on medication after some time, but I was always seeking an alternative. I was seeking a way that my son could focus, be more socially adept as well as more coordinated in sports and physical activities.

We heard about Play Attention and that it could help my son to “focus” but as I looked more and more into the system, it answered many of the other concerns I had for my son. I started the program with little hope of seeing any immediate results.

Within a month, I was getting comments from his fencing coach who told me that he was very “concentrated in many of his footing and moves that he hadn’t seen before”; the doctor we had being seeing for over two years talked to my son and asked me after a conversation with him, “So, Mrs. Butler what have you been doing with your son?” and finally most importantly my husband commented that our son had a stellar focus at practice. None of the individuals knew he was using the Play Attention system other than my husband but really had been skeptical about results.

Now my son and I both use the system regularly and are continuing to see results and progress.. My thought as a parent was that if I knew there was a possibility that something could help my son live an easier life by re-training his brain and teaching him skills for a happier life; I was going to try it! I am so happy we did!!

Alexander, Age 7

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