“Play Attention has made a positive impact on both my professional and private life.”


I would like to share how Play Attention has made a positive impact on both my professional and private life. I am a 55 year old digital marketer in a large software corporation, who is also an amateur classical pianist in private life. Play attention has already played an active role at home and work, improving areas where I had struggled previously throughout my life.

I was born with Tourette Syndrome and have also had to manage panic attacks, performance anxiety, poor reading comprehension and attention issues to name just a few. I’ve tried many different forms of treatment over the years for some or all of these conditions. Some have helped, most have not. Medications were certainly not the answer.
I was introduced to Play Attention through my bio-feedback psychologist, who specializes in brain technologies and treatments, and I was thoroughly intrigued by the data he showed me on the positive permanent results that both children and adults had achieved. We worked with the games in our sessions intermittently but I knew that if I was going to reap the full benefits of the program, I had to invest in the software package to achieve optimum results. It was a worthwhile investment.

The main reason I invested in Play Attention was my desire to improve my focus and attention in my piano practicing and performance. For years I was struggling with confidence because I was unable to focus and block out distractions. Whenever I performed I was sure to have a memory slip, even using the music. I would get so nervous and distracted that I couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing, which is disastrous for musicians. Because I wanted to improve in this area and grow as a musician and performer, I was motivated to dive head first into Play Attention and all it had to offer.

First off, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, whether it is customer service, training, or tech support. They are really sensitive to my needs and questions and add a personal touch that that you don’t see very often these days. The games are extremely entertaining, challenging and fun to play while the software does its subliminal wiring of the brain in the background concurrently. It also lets you know when you are ready to move up levels, so there’s nothing to guess at or figure out. Because the software is so easy to launch and operate, it makes it super easy to stick with a consistent program. Consistency is the key with this. I was trained by Mike over the phone initially, and he worked out a routine for me and shared best practices in getting the most out of the program. After your initial installation and training, just plug in your blue tooth, put the band on your arm or leg, launch the software and you’re ready to go in less than 30 seconds. I have just finished the entire program after about 6 months. I went a little faster than average because I had previous exposure to the games. I am now able on the advanced levels to achieve between 85% and 95% attention consistently on all the games.

Noticeable improvements so far at the piano:
Over these months, natural memorization has come back strong and I am now retaining/memorizing over an hour of difficult piano repertoire. The most I ever retained throughout my life is 30 minutes at a time. I expect that to increase moving forward.

Using the “Academic Bridge” at the piano (attaching the band to my left leg), I am now able to achieve scores of 90% attention while reading music and 85% without music. I expect those numbers to increase as well.

I am more confident performing because I am focused on playing and recalling the memorized music, rather than being fearful and distracted and having to use music. Performing without music allows you to play more freely. I can now prepare and move forward with confidence entering a prestigious piano competition for 2018 which requires both mental and physical excellence on the highest level.

I no longer have to take videos at my music lessons in order to remember what my teacher is explaining or demonstrating. I just listen and retain without concerns of forgetting what I’ve learned. My mind used to go blank and I relied on videotaping as my safety net.

Practicing is now a pleasure because I can learn difficult pieces quickly rather than it being a stressful chore.

Improvements at work:
I am able to sit through long boring meetings and not lose my attention nearly as much. This helps me to excel while being in a job that doesn’t really interest me.

It is easier to train staff on software because I am able to focus on their needs by processing what they are saying to me more clearly. This latest project has gone well because of that new found attribute.

I am able to absorb new applications with little training or information, which used to be a big issue for me. I can see clearly each step rather than my brain just shutting down completely and blocking things out.

I’m overall more relaxed and confident in my own skin now in a very stressful job because I can process and retain what I’m experiencing. I used to only be able to follow someone if they were with me in person. Now I can talk to someone over the phone and comprehend them just as easily.

One more general improvement: At home I tried reading a boring book for 15 minutes while running Academic Bridge and achieved 85% attention. I like to read non-fiction which can be tedious, so this really helps me absorb the information I’m interested in. It has also helped with doing crossword puzzles, which I really enjoy but struggled with.

Let me clearly state that like everything in life, to get any positive results you must be dedicated and work extremely hard. Be patient and determined with Play Attention and you will get the results you desire and deserve. The staff will explain everything carefully and thoroughly so you’ll have every opportunity to be successful. Hope you give it try.

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