“Thomas’ teachers have no concerns, and he loves middle school!”

I would like to share our story. I was first concerned about my son, Thomas, who seemed to have a lot ​of difficulty following more than one instruction at a time, forgetting things all the time, having trouble sitting still and exhibiting other distracting behaviors in the classroom. I was especially worried about how things would go for him when he entered middle school with multiple teachers who may not have the ability or patience to deal with Thomas’ issues.

I already knew about a program in Oregon called “Help Eliminate Learning Problems”, but I was concerned about the need for visits to the school regularly and the amount of time it would take away from our normal routines. We tried parenting strategies such as Total Transformation and Love and Logic, but it was hard implementing all of the components. We tried a neurofeedback program that mapped Thomas’ brain and saw areas of limited activity. They started to work on these areas through rhythmic movements and other non-invasive electronic techniques. Again, it taught us some techniques for relaxation and showed us proof of differences, but it became an on-going cost with multiple office visits per month.

I continued to search for a reasonable solution and came across Play Attention. It sounded perfect. It had been proven through research to retrain the brain’s connections and was practiced in a fun and innovative way. The cost was especially appealing since it was the least costly out all of the options I had come across.

I had my son tested for Autism before he started sixth grade (middle school) in hopes of having things ready for possible accommodations. Well, not only is Thomas doing very well, but he loves middle school! He is remembering to bring things home and take them back without reminders. His teachers have no concerns, and he gets his homework done right away on his own. Thank you Play Attention!

– Sincerely, Thomas’ Proud Parents

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