I believe this game has greatly helped my daughter academically


I purchased Play attention last May 2014 as of now February 7, 2015 based on data, my daughter have used this for about 56 hours.

My daughter was 7 years old at the time we purchased Play Attention. Last year my daughter’s teacher contacted me about her behavior in school (attached is the letter from the teacher as to their observation of her behavior in school).

Why Play Attention? Since I really do not have the luxury of time to bring her to an occupational therapist on a regular basis, which is what the behavioral doctor suggested, I searched the net for a possible home therapy that I can administer to my daughter.

How I did my home therapy?  We work with Play attention every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There are 6 games on our regular therapy sessions. During therapy I give her 10 minute breaks after 3 games. We allow her to redeem her points as long as she reaches the number of points required.  For example, 10 points for a fast food meal and 30 points for other things she likes.

Below are the games my daughter used and the description on how it help her.

  • Time on Task- Currently she is in the advance level (highest level). This particular game has helped her so much to finish her homework assignments. Before Play Attention when you ask her to work on her homework, it took forever to finish it. She tends to answer one number then draws on the paper or plays with her pens.  More often than not, it results in a fight between the both of us.  But as we practice the Time on Task game on a regular basis, I have observed my daughter finishing her homework even without someone actually sitting next to her to guard and compel her to work.
  • Short term memory– This is on our regular playlist and the only game that until now she is still stuck at the beginner. I am not quite surprised though. She did poorly in her short term memory during her IQ test. But as her therapist and Mom I believe she has indeed improved. At the start of Play Attention she would have missed a lot in level 3 (meaning she cannot mimic 3 sequences right after it was shown to her).  Now she reaches level 4 without a mistake. There was also an instance when I was speaking on the phone and was given a 7 digit phone number to call. Right after our conversation I lost the phone number in my mind.  To my surprise, my daughter recited the phone number.
  • Working Memory– This is on our regular playlist. She is now in the intermediate level in this game. I may not be able to single out the effect on her but I believe this game has greatly helped her academically.
  • Hand and Eye Coordination– This is on our regular playlist. Right now she is on the intermediate level. This game is designed to help her penmanship. In the teacher’s letter to me last year she was complaining about my daughter’s penmanship.  The teacher still complains about it, but I think her penmanship has improved compared to last year.
  • Visual Tracking– This is a regular game we play. Currently she is in the intermediate level. This game helped her ability to focus on moving objects. Though I cannot identify a direct effect on her, I believe this game has greatly helped her.
  • Auditory Processing– This is on our regular playlist. She is now in the intermediate level. This game is designed to train the child to receive several instructions at one time. At the moment she still missed a lot when given two instructions.  We are still working on this, and I know she shall soon improve.
  • Attention Stamina– We seldom use this game since all of the games involves attention stamina. However, sometimes we use this game to train her to maintain her focus for a longer period of time.

As proof of my daughter’s improvement, I am attaching the letter and her school grades before Play Attention and the recent school grades and letter I got during our parents-teacher conference.

Lastly to whom would I recommend this product? This product is recommended to kids whom you can compel to work and an adult or parent to administer the game/therapy. It may be easy to ask your child to work on this in the first few weeks, but it will grow harder as time passes by.

As a closing remark I would like to give applause to their customer service especially Mike. They are one of the best I have experienced.  They are very attentive to your needs and requests. Most often concerns are addressed in less than a day. Mike never fails to follow up on my daughter’s progress.

I hope this review will be helpful to others



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