I felt amazed the first time when I heard from Ramya’s teacher that she was doing great.

Ramya is very attentive in class and exceeded grade expectations!

I felt amazed the first time when I heard from Ramya’s teacher that she was doing great. I could see the happiness and confidence in Ramya, which made me happy for her.

Ramya always had problem concentrating on a task and staying focused for a considerable amount of time. I initially dismissed them thinking that it’s just a phase and will go away eventually. But as months went by it got worse. Ramya started having trouble with finishing her homework assignments on time. Even once she finished them after a long time, there would be several mistakes and incomplete problems. I had to remind Ramya to focus on the task several times, as she would be playing with her pencil or wandering off to do something else in-between. She was unable to sit and finish her meals in one place without out being reminded to sit still and eat.

Ramya’s grades started becoming low. The teacher told me that Ramya is a really smart and bright girl, but she does not finish her task on time and does not always listens to what the teacher says. When other kids in the class would assembly to say prayers and start the day, Ramya was missing consistently. She would take a really long time to finish up small tasks like putting her homework folder in right place, putting her coat away and joining her class to start the day. The teacher’s complaints about Ramya drove me crazy. It was very frustrating. Me and my husband finally decided to take Ramya to her pediatrician to get her evaluated. It was then we found out that she has ADHD. The doctor told us we could give her medicine to help her with these, but the pills have dangerous side effects like loss of appetite, high blood pressure, addiction etc.

I did not want to give her the pills. I was determined to find out something to help her, and I started searching the internet and ADHD forums for answers. Eventually I found out about Play Attention a program designed to help kids with focusing, distraction, attention and listening. Few months after beginning her program with Play Attention, to my surprise I began receiving calls from her teacher that Ramya was doing great. She is very attentive in class, focusing on her tasks and has exceeded expectations with respect to her grades. I think of Play Attention as a blessing in the right time for my daughter. We don’t know what we would have done without the Play Attention program.

Thanks & Regards,
Anuradha, Mother

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