I needed to do something different to pass my exam

In the latter part of September of 2021, I began re-studying to pass the Clinical exam to become a licensed clinical social worker. To do that, I needed to do something different to pass. What would help me to pass this standardized exam. More importantly, I needed to know why I have such a difficult time passing this type of exam. 

In November of 2021, I inquired about if getting tutored would help me.  What I discovered about myself was that I struggled with reading as I would “under read” by reading too fast and then miss what test question was asking me to do. I also was aware of how my test anxiety was causing me not to do well and would get the same results on my exams.

I began watching various videos regarding and sought professional help for the test anxiety and possible ADHD. Well, I am glad I did as it has helped with my focus; however, something else was missing.  I started receiving emails from Play Attention and Additude Magazine.  After many months of thinking of scheduling a consultation, I did and am very grateful I did as I learned how Play Attention would benefit me.  In February of 2023, I began using the program. 

I am grateful to my Coach as he has been a great support in addressing ways to strengthen my focus, memory, distractions and answered my questions.  He checked in with me and encouraged me when I found that inner/external distractions took my focus away from the task at hand.   

The day of my exam, I did Play Attention that morning and made each of my goals.  I also reminded myself that I will pass, and I only need 75% or higher to pass.  I am happy to report that on July 10, 2023, I Passed my clinical EXAM to become a licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). “Wow.” I said, “I Passed. I really Passed, I did it!” Thank you, Play Attention. 

I believe Play Attention, Tutoring, my study groups, and getting accommodations through ASWB helped me pass to accomplish a goal that I made in 2006, to Pass the clinical EXAM and become a Licensed Social Worker.  

Feeling ever so Grateful, 

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