A Mother’s testimony

My child’s journey with Play Attention started in her Grade-3 year. She struggled with math to such an extent that I feared that her math grades might cause her to fail her academic year. My daughter had to stay in class during many breaks since she could not write the work off the black-board fast enough. Her teacher also informed me that my daughter cried every day in school feeling completely overwhelmed by her inability to keep up with the speed of learning presented in her classroom. Furthermore, another child teased my daughter that she was the, “Dumbest child in the entire school.” It was a heartbreaking situation for me as a mother.

I enrolled my daughter in extra math classes in the second term of her Grade 3-year. The lady who presented the extra math classes expressed her concern about my daughter’s ability to concentrate and recommended that we take her to a center called Bio-link that offered Play Attention.

I started out with Play Attention at Bio-link strongly doubting that it would make a difference. At that stage we already experimented with a number of solutions, none of which made a significant difference. After three months, Play Attention proved to be quite magnificent! My daughter’s math grades increased by twenty percent and two of her other learning areas by ten percent each.

In the next two years she continued with weekly Play Attention sessions. During this time her grades continued to improve, to the extent that her average percentage now is above eighty percent, and she is one of the top-three students in her grade. More importantly, she now believes that she is a clever person, and that she will get good grades if she works hard academically. Her self-confidence has improved significantly, and she now feels positive towards her school career.

I am forever grateful to my local Play Attention facilitators. There are actually not enough words to fully describe the overwhelming positive turn-around it made in my daughter’s life.

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