Play Attention helps Jason understand himself

With Play Attention, Jason has learned to understand how to focus and how to pay attention.  He has applied what he learned from the games in the real world, in school, and at home.  After playing for over 50 hours (about 6 months), Jason can tell us when he is tired and not able to do well, when he is flustered and his focus will be lacking, or when he is happy and his focus goes up.  He has also learned how he can adjust his own mood so that he can be able to focus more.

Who is Jason?  Since Kindergarten, we knew our son, Jason, is different from his brothers.  He always seems more hyper than them.  At times, he shows strengths in intelligence, and at other times, he really shows difficulties in learning.  Up to 1st grade, Jason was still able to do well in class.  In second grade, the teacher has told us that Jason is having difficulties with learning specifically with reading and science.  We decided to have him tested by the end of 2nd grade and he came back with having ADHD.

We put Jason on Play Attention through the summer at end of 2nd grade.  Jason played 3 games, 15 minutes a day on a rotation of 6 different games.  The games were simplistic at first but challenged him to stay focused in order for the game to work.  This is where Jason had to learn to concentrate and to focus.  With the variety of games and the different gameplay as the games level up, it kept Jason engaged.  Play Attention also has a reward system, where they gain points for good work.  Points are traded in for things of ‘your’ choice.  Jason loves trading in points for 1 day off of no work and study.

Whether the game helped in Jason doing better in grades is still in question.  But we have definitely seen signs of Jason understanding about himself.  When Jason is able to understand his weaknesses, he is able to communicate this with us.  This to us makes the game worth it.

Thanks, Tommy.

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