Eretz hits a home run!

I started working with Eretz about 3 months ago. When I first met him, he had a difficult time staying in his chair and refraining from touching every part of my computer. Through the weeks we developed a very good relationship and I learned that almost every student in his class was getting a “home run” daily. A home run was a sign of a good day. When I met Eretz in May, he had only received one all year.

I learned that he was always in trouble with the teacher and always seemed to be singled out. After only 6 sessions Eretz started bringing home home runs! I could see the excitement in his eyes, and his mom was so proud of him. Before I knew it, he was getting home runs regularly. His mother asked him how he was able to earn so many home runs. He told her “I decided I was going to be good, I listened, helped, and raised my hand when I needed to talk”.

After his 10th Play Attention session, his mother reported that he earned an award at school for the student with the most improved math score.

During our sessions now, Eretz always asks permission before getting out of his chair, sits with his hands on his lap, and he as learned the difference between looking at something and focusing on something. I can see a huge difference in his self-esteem and ability to control his body. I have had so much fun working with Eretz, I am so proud of how far he has come!

-Renee Lorch, founder of INfocus: Orange, California.

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