“The higher the self-esteem the lesser you focus on your fears of failure”

Over the past 40 years I’ve been a performance sports coach in various sports. I have been involved in coaching several players to achieve very high, even number 1 ranking on the ATP Tennis tour in doubles.

I played tennis on the ATP tour, ranked 270 in the world, ranked 6 in South Africa, ranked number 1 in Germany in +35. Why did I improve with age? My understanding of emotional intelligence improved.

When you start off as a coach, you think it is all in the technique and athletic ability that makes champions, only to be disillusioned in my goals.

Soon I realized that the saying “It all in your head”, “The game is decided between the 6 inches of your ears,” has substance, but phrases don’t teach you how.

What do the best in the world have as common denominator? “FEARLESS” they are fearless of the outcome.

Emotional intelligence plays a major role in achieving. The most prominent in this is Self Esteem; the higher the Self Esteem the less FEAR you have.

FEAR is not real; you or your experiences create FEAR. It is how you view yourself or the outcome it could have on you.

I became a Self Esteem Coach. I studied all about how to build the main pillar in the human “achievement structure”. Working on this [self-esteem] a lot can be achieved, but there are a few factors that are difficult to overcome.

The best age to impregnate self-esteem is before the age of 6. Not many parents are equipped with this knowledge. To embed this at a later stage is hard work to be done by the parents, given they have the knowledge of how to teach it, and it’s not FUN for the kids.

This is when I found Play Attention. This program builds self-esteem. You can visibly improve your focus, visual tracking, discriminatory processing, and attention, task on hand, and control impulses. The higher the self esteems the lesser you focus on your fears of failure, but [rather] on the task and goals on hand.

Watch the top performers in sport; they focus on the task in hand with no fear of the outcome. They achieve without FEAR.

— Coach Leon

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