I had a stroke – so shocking!

No one expects a stroke, I felt I was too young. I was 63 at the time and thought “strokes happen to other people.” I was confused when it struck. My husband came home at the time and he realized I couldn’t speak. He rushed me to our hospital which was fairly close. They took me in quickly because my husband told them that I was having a stroke.

I had nurses and a neurologist examining me. I was losing movement in my face, my hand, and my leg. They decided to give me the tPA shot.

We would find out later that I’d had a clot in my artery in my left brain, high and dangerous. During the night I couldn’t sleep lying on a bed in the hospital. I remember, there was a storm and I watched it come and go and I felt at peace.

The next morning they found out what I’d lost and what I had left. I had aphasia, not speaking very well. I was not able to read. If people read to me I couldn’t absorb it, I couldn’t concentrate. I could see if someone was reading but it meant nothing. I couldn’t write. Physically, otherwise, I was good.

I did have some therapy in the months ahead, it helped but I needed so much more. At the time my daughter suggested I should try the Play Attention program. I used it for about 3 years. I am able to concentrate so much better now. My speech improved so much. I gradually was able to read and write.

Honestly most people I meet never notice that I’ve had a stroke. It’s been a miracle for me! I use Play Attention again and again to clear my mind and keep me focused. I really do appreciate this program so much.

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