I’m happy to report that eight months of use have shown some very good results

As an ADHD Coach who specializes in Adult Clients with ADHD I was cautiously optimistic about the Play Attention program at first. I have always believed in Biofeedback as a great way to monitor and substantiate results, though some techniques seem more gimmicky than scientific. Not every ‘solution’ that uses technology is scientific.

I can say that Play Attention didn’t promise a solution. Instead, they talked about enhancement and improvement. Knowing ADHD, and that there isn’t a ‘solution’ or ‘cure’ for this Neurodevelopmental disorder of regulation, I didn’t see any false promises.

My other first concerns were cost and the ‘game’ aspect of it, which appeared geared to children rather than adults. So I needed more than the company’s literature to sway me.
A friend and coaching client of mine felt it worked for him, so I took it more seriously. So as a person with ADHD challenges, I decided to give it a go. If it could work for me, I would suggest it to my clientele.

I’m happy to report that eight months of use have shown some very good results.
Play Attention assigned me a coach who was very helpful in helping me with my Executive Functions needs with the appropriate games. In eight months of regular weekly use, I have gotten to Gold level in all areas and Mastered four of the six areas.

Most important to me is evidence of cognitive improvement in other areas of my life that involved Executive Function. I am able to focus on things I don’t like doing (boring, mundane tasks, or complicated projects that used to overwhelm me) with greater facility. I see evidence of improved memory, less impulsivity, and less distractibility.

All of these go a long way in working with others and accomplishing menial tasks. I never had a problem with focusing on things I found interesting, but now I have an easier time focusing on things that are not.

So I procrastinate less, get more done, and even have an easier time meditating than ever before. My new meditation habit has had tremendous benefits in calmness and the ability to detach from previously troubling thoughts.

The dividends from Play Attention keep coming. Well worth the money.

I recommend Play Attention to my clients now. It’s a very good program. I believe you can trust their word.

If you like to learn more about my experience in person, please contact me.

Will is an ADHD Coach for http://www.fullsailadhdcoaching.com.

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