Thank you Play Attention. You’ve really made a difference in my life

Hi, My name is Jessica. I’m 36, and I was diagnosed 4 years ago with Adult ADHD.

My memory was shot. I’d struggle to remember my cousins’ names.

I can hold down a job only with 4 – 5 alarms set in intervals to make sure I stick to time and leave on time with another set 10mins before entering work in case I got sidetracked in the process of leaving my car to walking in!

When I first started the Play Attention I couldn’t even do 2 mins on the Attention Stamina game without extreme nausea as I wear contacts. My Coach Mike encouraged me to wear my glasses instead. We thought the nausea was from my brain overworking trying to focus, and now a few months on, I can finally complete a entire game in my contacts. (I had no nausea in my glasses).
I have seen big improvements in everyday life.

Yes the games seem simple, but to an ADHDer, when your actually trying to do it its so much harder than it looks. It does look like its made for kids, and it looks easy, but honestly it works and it works well for adults too.

I have seen that I’m not as impatient, and I don’t get irritated by as many things now with help of the Discriminatory Processing game.

Now I have reached advanced level of short term memory of approximately 8-9 items in a row. Upon starting, I’d struggle with four or more in a sequence. I’d also struggle mid sentence to remember what I was talking about or the point I was trying to make. This led to very embarrassing complete mind blanks. Now this is improving and with use of the Play Attention games, and I’m looking at being able to reduce my medication.

I strongly encourage anyone to give it a try and stick to it. I really does help in so many ways I can’t list them all here. Thank you Play Attention you’ve really made a difference in my life.

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