“It only took one session for me to decide that we need this system at home!”

We started using the Play Attention suite of games for our seven year old son, Eli during the spring of his kindergarten year. Eli was born with Down syndrome. He struggles with global developmental delays and especially struggles with poor impulse control as well as hyperactivity. In addition, Eli is a very restless sleeper. I have longed for him to sleep more deeply knowing that it would give his impulsive brain a restful break. We have used different supplements throughout the years to calm him. Eli also sleeps under a weighted blanket. While I’m certain none of our attempts have been harmful, nothing seems to show long-term benefit. As a mother on a mission, I have researched therapies, supplements, dietary changes, and calming techniques for years. When I discovered neurofeedback, I knew I had to try it for Eli. We used a system with a local psychotherapist and realized very quickly that it brought calming to Eli’s restless brain and body. Quickly, it became difficult to keep multiple weekly appointments for his neurofeedback sessions.

I was introduced to Play Attention by a friend who is involved in pediatric counseling. We were able to try out the system at Harding University’s Compassion Clinic with the intention of completing a series of sessions. It only took one session for me to decide that we need this system at home! Play Attention is one of the only neurofeedback systems that has a home based package. It certainly is the most affordable option on the market that I could find!

We have received excellent support from the initial training to learn to use the system to periodic troubleshooting. Play Attention has a great team and has been so helpful for us on this journey.

Eli started using the Play Attention system during his kindergarten year. He is in the self-contained classroom at his school. I have full confidence that he could participate in mainstream class activities on a limited level if he could better manage his impulse control. His classroom uses a color-based behavior chart. If he has a good day, he gets a ‘green’. A worse day warrants a ‘yellow’ and a difficult day produces a ‘red’. While Eli had a good school year, he NEVER had a week where he earned all ‘green’ for the week. Ever. Until we started Play Attention. Consistent use of the Play Attention suite of games has calmed Eli and given him the ability to attain quite a few all ‘green’ weeks of behavior at school! This is a miracle. While the support team at Play Attention stressed that long-term use of the games is essential for seeing behavioral changes, we saw changes in Eli almost immediately. Among other things, he began sleeping better almost immediately which in turn lead to better behavior in school. His teachers and our extended family are all amazed at the changes seen in Eli since starting Play Attention. I attribute this incredible change to the Play Attention suite of games as we did not make any other dietary or supplemental changes at the time.

We love Play Attention and are excited for the upcoming school year. With improved impulse control, we hope Eli will get to experience some mainstream classroom activities.

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