She has more capacity to stay calm. That is awesome improvement!

I have been homeschooling for 5 years. My oldest daughter, Katherine, would really struggle to stay focused. It was almost a constant effort to redirect her attention. Even her younger siblings were able to focus better than she.  In addition, even though Katherine has already been through a year’s worth of vision therapy, Play Attention has still been a huge benefit for her.

When we started Play Attention, Katherine had already completed a year of vision therapy, and there were still two areas that were borderline pass/fail: visual tracking and short-term memory. Furthermore, vision therapy didn’t address her focus issue or behavior issues.

After some online research I came across Play Attention. Soon after purchasing, I completed my own training on how to be a coach and we began our journey of “brain training” with Play Attention. After a few months of working with Play Attention, I am happy to say that her ability to focus is even better than her siblings. To top that off, her short-term memory and visual tracking have greatly advanced. I have also noticed that in situations where she would have responded frustrated, she has more capacity to stay calm. That is awesome improvement! Now I am excited to have all my children go through the Play Attention program.



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