New Success Story! Play Attention & Jordan’s Superpower!

“Your child is mentally retarded!”

“He is smart but lacks focus, he is all over the place.”

“We would love to help but can’t.”

“I am not sure that I am treating the right thing, I think something is happening neurologically, he needs further testing before we can continue therapy!”

“I don’t think he belongs at this school, you need to find somewhere else for him.”

These are just a few of the comments that I have had to endure as a parent for a son who is loving, intelligent and different. My son Jordan will soon be 12 years old. It is believed that he is on the Autism spectrum (tested), he has a tic disorder and ADHD as his extra super-power. So, what is a parent to do! After his ADHD diagnosis, we thought that once we could get the focus under control, there would be improvements in other areas, and we tried a number of avenues. This little boy has been through the works all kinds of tests, all kinds of therapies-behavioral, occupational, etc. The skills learned in therapy were not being transferred into his daily living, and that was a concern for me.

One day I came across ADDitude Mag online and an ad for Play Attention. This ad invited me to set up a one-on-one consultation. I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first because of all the stories you hear about stuff online! Despite that, I was determined to give it a try so I set up the appointment! The 1 hr session ran a bit longer. and I am grateful to Lizaan. She was really patient with me as I riddled her with questions. The more I saw the promise of what was offered, the more amazed I was at the possibilities for Jordan. The thing that impressed me the most was that this program actually represented what it felt like to focus and the visual representation was awesome! I could now say to Jordan, “It does not look like you are paying attention or playing attention!” He found that amusing!

This started another conversation that we needed to have…That conversation was. “The same way you focus on play attention, you need to do that when you are in your class.”

We definitely started to see an improvement after a few short weeks. The aide that went to school with him noticed it in the classroom. I noticed it at home when he is doing homework! He is excited to purchase his rewards when he earns enough points!

I am glad that we invested in this system and can’t wait to spread the word! We are still a work in progress but who isn’t….

Thank you, Play Attention, for helping us to train his Superpower for the good of Jordan!

-Julie C. Jordan’s Mom

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