“I really can’t believe what it just did for my son!!!”

When trying to write down the success story of my 12-year-old son Sam, I really didn’t know where to start!  Our road was so bumpy… from horrible temper tantrums to an almost nil communication stage, then onto speech therapy for 3 years, after which at around 7 years of age he started some verbal communication, though that was not so appropriate and not really a two-way thing.  Then there was the school phase, where his impulsivity used to push him to say things which he didn’t know the meaning himself.  These events of impulsiveness caused an unstoppable sequence of punishments at school, from sitting in the office during break almost every other day, to being banned from playing sports.

Every other day he used to come home from school with increasingly broken self-esteem.  People were not ready to understand the impulsive nature of his brain.  Instead, they just put labels on him.  The last year of school was horrible for him, and maybe even more so for me. 

While attending some webinars, I came across Play Attention.  I did some research on my own and tried to take a chance.  I really can’t believe what it just did for my son!!!  It’s a magical thing in 2019 which happened to my family!  We started on June 10th doing 30-minute sessions twice a week, strictly following all the coach rules. We started seeing a change in behavior after 6 weeks!  He was acting more mature, thinking before saying or acting, and his impulsive behavior was about 80% under control.  Most importantly, his conversation was consistent, relevant, and two-way!   Because of that, he started making some friends and playing games with them. 

I still can’t believe it!!!   Last week he is officially off from 98% of his labels, (in a proper mental health examination by a pediatric psychiatrist).

His doctors were amazed to see him.  They kept 2% of his labels so that, he could get supportive things at school for another year.

We are continuing Play Attention with more faith now. 

I have one message for parents of struggling children: the journey is tough, but perseverance is key.  Never, ever compromise on the self-esteem of your kids!  They all have hidden talents and they are more sensitive than other people.  I would definitely suggest Play Attention, along with your other efforts.

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