Play Attention for Peak Performance Training!

As the mom of a single child, I am very guilty of doing everything for my child, usually to my own demise.

We hated doing homework! Instead of giving my child the chance to do it on her own and in her own way, I did it for her.

I heard about the Study Methods course presented by the Play Attention Biolink Center, but I thought it is only for children struggling to learn; Alexja was a 90%+ student so she didn’t need it. How wrong was I!

In 2016, when Alexja was in Grade 5, I decided to enroll for the Study Methods course presented by Marlize from Biolink. It was a huge revelation for me and for my child.

There are so many amazing ways with which they can study and save time while doing their homework. So much more play time for my child in the afternoons.

After this course I distanced myself from homework and study time and allowed my child to do her summaries on her own. The greatest part was when test and exam time came; all she had to do was read through her summaries again, because when you summarize in your own handwriting and not your moms’, you have already learned your work once.

Following this, Karin performed the Focus Assessment on Alexja and recommended a series of 80 Play Attention sessions for the improvement of her concentration and attention span. What is amazing is that the Play Attention program auto adjusted to her ability, meaning that Alexja didn’t have any concentration issues, but the software adjusted to her capability and then pushed her even higher.

This was a big YES for us. Since she did not have any focus issues, we saw this as a peak performance program for her.

We are forever grateful towards Karin and Marlize. My child can now do her homework independently and in her own manner. Plus the time that she spends doing this has been cut in half. 

Happy kid, happy mom.

Karin Visser and Marlize Robberts are Co-Directors for Play Attention’s professional development team.  If you would like to know how you can incorporate Study Methods into your Play Attention center, schedule a consultation here.

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