Winning and Achieving!

My son, Elijah, has been using the Play Attention programme now for around 5 months, and we have definitely seen an improvement in his concentration, behaviour and coping skills.

Elijah is currently in 3rd grade and has the same teacher now that he had in kindergarten. The teacher commented on how he is much more focused and less distracting to other children in class compared to when he was in Kindergarten. I did not tell her about the Play Attention programme until she commented on a considerable improvement she had noticed in the previous 2 weeks whilst I was talking to her. I then mentioned the programme and we concluded that the changes she had noticed in the past 2 weeks were due to Play Attention.

Elijah has issues with dealing with disappointment and frustration when things don’t go as he wants. I feel that the programme is helping him to overcome these issues over time because he does not always get the results that he wants, but I can help him deal with the issue and help him to correlate this with other things that happen in his daily life.

He is learning that when he is more relaxed when completing the tasks, his results are much better. Elijah also rides motorcross and this has helped him improve his riding skills. He was so uptight about winning in his competitions that he was not getting good results. Since we have concentrated with Play Attention on focus and relaxing while competing the tasks he is winning events and achieving much better results.

We have not been using Play Attention for long and we still have a long way to go, but I can definitely see results in the short time that we have been using the programme.

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