After 4 weeks I started noticing some positive improvements

These letters were received from a husband and wife using Play Attention with one of our professionals. We were so touched and excited to hear about Jim’s progress with Play Attention after a series of strokes had caused him to experience cognitive impairment.

Letter from Carolyn:

In 2020, my husband had two separate strokes which affected his brain. He had memory lapses, confusion and also cognitive hearing problems. While getting his diagnosis and going through additional testing, I spoke with Brenda S. about his condition. 

She said to me: “You know, that is what I do. I treat cognitive difficulties in individuals.”

I asked her more and we agreed Jim would be tested. After testing, Jim started his Play Attention sessions with Brenda twice weekly. After 4 weeks I started noticing some positive improvements in how Jim related and communicated to me and those around us. After around 8 weeks I noticed even more improvements.  Within three months of starting the brain therapy, Jim was talking about returning to work.

He was able to return to his previous employer and has been able to perform very well. He has indicated he feels great and that his ability to function in his job, which requires extensive technical knowledge, is returning to normal. He is happy to be working!

Jim still has some isolated memory issues, and he still has his Play Attention sessions twice weekly. He has moved to an advanced category whithin the Play Attention program which is challenging his brain function even further. We are confident he will continue to improve in his brain health and are so grateful for Brenda’s diligence in working with Jim to improve his quality of life. She is an amazing person and therapist and we wholeheartedly recommend her work to families who need help with cognitive,  brain, and learning difficulties.

-Carolyn G

Letter from Jim:

I’d  like to take a moment to say thank you for your help with my cognitive and memory health. When I heard that you provided Play Attention training for these type of brain issues, I thought it was great.

When I learned that a lot of your work is also helping children, I thought I’m still just a kid inside, so why not try it! I’ve now had over 50 sessions and I’ve noticed memories and thoughts coming back much more quickly than I expected.

I am also happy to see the test results that show the improvement to my brain functions. I want you to know that I recommend your training to help anyone who needs this type of brain and cognitive training.

I hope you achieve all of your goals and thank you, again!

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