Cognitive Improvement After a Stroke

I would like to share our experiences after my husband, Johan, completed 80 Play Attention sessions. 

Four years ago, my husband, Johan, suffered a stroke which affected his left arm and leg function as well as his speech. Two years after the stroke, we were in talks with a representative from Play Attention who suggested we enroll him for sessions.

By this time, Johan had almost completely withdrawn from society and didn’t have much motivation left.  We decided to give Play Attention a try. After the first 40 sessions, we already saw great improvement! He was almost back to his old self!

After 80 sessions, Johan is now able to take part in conversations.  He has again taken an interest in what is going on around him.  He assists me in decision making and makes suggestions when the situation requires it.  He even helps with small tasks around the house. The function of his left hand and his ability to walk has also improved. His speech has improved and he is just a more positive person since the Play Attention sessions.

We will definitely recommend Play Attention and would like to thank Daleen and Rosa who were Johan’s facilitators.

Johan and Thelma

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